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Dental Exams and Cleanings to Protect Your Teeth

While many dental services are intended to treat dental problems and restore good oral health, the prevention of dental health problems is ideal. The backbone of dental health care is general dentistry services, which allow patients to preserve the health of the teeth, gums, and jaw bone. One of the most important general dentistry services offered is a dental exam, which also includes a professional dental cleaning. At Medley Smiles, we stress to our Atlanta patients the importance of dental exams and cleanings in maintaining good oral health, detecting oral health problems early on, scheduling necessary restorative treatment, and preventing advanced oral health complications.

How Often Should I Schedule a Dental Exam?

For the average patient, a good rule of thumb is to schedule a dental exam twice a year. By having the teeth and gums examined and cleaned once every six months, we can keep good track of any developing oral health problems and can also prevent excessive buildup of plaque and tartar. For the majority of patients, these bi-annual exams are sufficient in preventing advanced oral health problems. However, those patients who have a history of tooth decay or gum disease, or those who are especially prone to oral health problems may want to consider more frequent appointments. For patients who are high risk, we recommend that the teeth be examined and cleaned once every three to four months.

What Can I Expect at my Exam?

Patients who have neglected to maintain a regular routine of dental exams and cleanings often have questions regarding what they can expect at a dental exam. These appointments include simple procedures, all of which are performed with the patient’s comfort in mind. If it has been a year or more since the patient’s last set of x-rays, the dental exam will likely begin by taking a complete set of oral x-rays. This allows our dentist to examine the jaw bone, the density and placement of the teeth, and the presence of any tooth decay. In addition to the x-rays, we will visually examine the teeth and will measure the depth of any tissue pockets that have developed at the gum line. This is an efficient method in diagnosing the various stages of gum disease. Finally, we will clean the surface of the teeth to remove any plaque or tartar that has built up since the patient’s last cleaning.

Benefits of Dental Exams

There is one overwhelming benefit of dental exams and cleanings and that is the fact that those patients who maintain a regular schedule of dental exams have better oral health than those who do not. Dental exams and cleanings allow for the detection and early treatment of dental problems that have the potential to cause more serious oral health complications. By scheduling a dental exam and cleaning at least twice a year, patients can help to preserve the health, function, strength, and beauty of the teeth.

Schedule an Appointment

If you are interested in creating or maintaining a smile that is healthy and beautiful, a dental exam and cleaning should be the first step. Trust Medley Smiles to provide expert dental care with a comforting and caring touch. Schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience to learn more about our general dentistry services. We look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. In your article, you stated that for the average patient, a good rule of thumb is to schedule a dental exam twice a year and by having the teeth and gums examined and cleaned once every six months, we can keep good track of any developing oral health problems and can also prevent excessive buildup of plaque and tartar. My family and I recently moved to a new city and someone pointed out that my teeth were turning a little yellow. I wonder what types of tools and products most dentists use for these types of cleanings.

  2. It makes sense to schedule your dental exam every six months. My wife and I want our kids to have strong and healthy teeth throughout their lives. I definitely think that we need to sign them up for regular dental check ups.

  3. My husband has been in Argentina for the past two months and he has been complaining about how its teeth have been hurting. It was astounding to understand that by having the teeth and gums examined and cleaned once every six months, one can keep good track of any developing oral health problems. When he comes back next we will go in to get his teeth examined to ensure that his teeth get taken care of!

  4. Regular dental checkups have always been an interesting thing to me because of how routine it is and how little is done. I normally go every six months and when I go my teeth get inspected and cleaned then I leave. What I didn’t realize was how important it was for the dentist to exam your teeth and jaw bones to make sure that everything is working correctly. Because of the importance of preventative maintenance, it is important to go to a dentist.

  5. I’ve noticed some sensitivity on my molars and I’m starting to get worried something might be wrong. It sound like I should get a dental exam to find any other problems I may have as well as a cleaning. Hopefully in time my mouth will feel better and I will have a dentist I can go to with any further problems.

  6. It’s good to know that dental exams allow for the early detection of problems. That way, you can be sure to have the best oral health. Something else to consider is to get a dentist that is local and easy to get to.

  7. I like that you mentioned the early detection of gum disease that can be spotted at these exams. I have seen the effects of gum disease in my uncle and it is not pretty. It is better to be safe and have regular exams.

  8. Thank you for the information about the benefits of dental exams and why it’s important to have one on a regular basis. I appreciate that you explained that dental exams help the patient have better oral health and can catch problems in the early stages and can take care of them. By keeping the mouth healthy and clean regularly, there is less of a chance that there will be problems in the future.

  9. I liked that you had mentioned that everyone should have a dental exam twice a year to make sure that there aren’t any serious problems and or large buildups of plaque in the mouth. My wife and I have been looking for a dentist to bring our daughter to and we weren’t sure how often she should be going. I’ll start looking for a proper dentists office to make sure that she can get examined and that her teeth are healthy.

  10. I didn’t know that if you had dental issues that it would be better for you to see the dentist every three to four months. My cousin was telling me that her daughter needed to see the dentist every three months now. Now, I understand a little bit of why that may be.

  11. Prevention of dental problems is by far the best way to go. Problem is many folks don’t value having healthy teeth until something goes wrong or starts to hurt. It’s easy to forget to floss but not easy to ignore a toothache.

  12. Thanks for mentioning that twice-yearly teeth cleaning can prevent plaque and tartar from building up excessively. My father had gum disease before he died about six months ago, and I’m worried that I’ll develop it, too. Hopefully having tartar and plaque cleaned from my teeth regularly will reduce my chances of getting gum disease

  13. I like how you mentioned that dental exams and cleanings are ideal to be taken twice a year to make sure that everything is in check. That is quite helpful as I was planning to start visiting the dentist to have my cleaned soon. Being able to know that the requirements for a proper maintenance are very beneficial as I won’t be wasting money on incorrectly doing what should be done. I’ll be sure to schedule two appointments with a dentist in advance to make sure that I’ll be visiting them twice a year religiously. Thanks!

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