Crowns, Onlays & Bridges

Our Porcelain Crowns are Built for Perfection!

A dental crown, sometimes known as a “dental cap,” is a tooth-shaped cap that fits entirely over your natural tooth. Because of their strength and natural look, dental crowns are considered both cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry. They are also commonly used during full mouth restorations.

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The latest “porcelain crown” material is not just ceramic; it is actually fabricated from different materials including zirconia and lithium-disilicate. These new, high-tech materials are much stronger than actual porcelain, 100% metal-free, and amazingly natural looking. Because of its durability, a dental crown can be a great solution for restoring and supporting molars or other anterior teeth – your “chewing teeth.”

Which Option is Right for You?

  • A Dental Crown – When 75% of the chewing surface of a tooth has been compromised, a dental crown (or, depending on the condition of the tooth, a dental onlay) can prevent further issues such as a root canal or tooth loss.
  • A Dental Onlay –  Sometimes called “a partial crown,” an onlay  is used to repair a damaged tooth or cavity which is too large for a filling, but too small to require a full dental crown.
  • A Full Porcelain Bridge –  This is an option if you need to replace a missing tooth or are facing the prospect of extracting a damaged tooth. A full porcelain bridge involves usually three teeth – two healthy natural teeth on either side, which support a custom-fabricated false tooth. Sometimes a porcelain bridge can support more than one tooth.