Dental Implants: A Permanent Solution to Lost Teeth

For many years, the only solutions to missing teeth have been dentures, crowns and bridges, all of which are either temporary or difficult to maintain. Happily, today we have another option – dental implants –which provide a natural-looking, permanent solution to your missing teeth.

A dental implant can support individual crowns, multiple crowns and even dentures. If you are missing a single tooth, multiple teeth or all of your teeth, you may be a viable candidate for implants.

“For people that are living with missing teeth… implants are the optimal treatment option. It just rejuvenates a smile, right back to what it should be.”

Advantages of a Dental Implant Over Bridges or Partial Dentures

Dental implants are as durable as original teeth and can last a lifetime.
Implants act like natural teeth, stimulating bone growth and preserving your natural facial structure.
Tooth implants are attached to your jaw, so they will never slip or rub, allowing you eat what you like!
They function and feel exactly like natural teeth, and they are easy to care for.
Unlike bridges and dentures, implants do not damage to surrounding teeth.