Full mouth reconstruction, otherwise known as “Smile Rejuvenation,” is not simply cosmetic dentistry. It is a highly complex series combining advanced restorative dentistry and cosmetic dental procedures, which will not only reconstruct your teeth but rejuvenate your entire face.

Why is this called a “non-surgical facelift”?

Over time, teeth can wear severely causing a loss of support of the face…which translates into a collapsed and wrinkled appearance. By restoring teeth to their proper functional and optimal esthetic size and position, we are able to literally give our patients a “non-surgical facelift” that can take years off their look!

Dr. Nicole Medley has been extensively trained in full-mouth reconstruction. Her patients fly in from all over the world because of her trustworthy reputation for beautiful smile reconstructions.

Dr. Medley will design your entire plan for reconstructive dentistry and guide you each step of the way. She takes great care to get to know each one of her patients individually and will work with you and her expert team to create a detailed reconstruction plan to restore your perfect smile.