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What is bad Breath?

If you’ve ever spoken to someone before you’ve had a chance to brush your teeth in the morning, then you are likely aware that morning breath can be rather embarrassing. Luckily, brushing and flossing your teeth in the morning can typically eradicate the foulness of your breath; however, your dental hygiene routine may not always be enough to erase your bad breath. Independence dentist, Dr. Nicole Medley, explains why bad breath may linger long past its usual morning presence.

Reasons for Malodorous Breath

  • Bacteria — Oral germs are a common cause of bad breath. As they accumulate inside your mouth, some of these bacteria release volatile sulfur compounds that are notorious for their offensive odors. When you sleep at night, these germs can proliferate in force as your saliva production is drastically reduced, resulting in the especially strong odor of morning breath. Eat a well-balanced breakfast to stimulate saliva production before brushing and flossing your teeth in the morning.
  • Poor oral hygiene — Sleeping isn’t the only way in which bacteria can gather and multiply unchecked. Ignoring your dental hygiene can allow these germs and the food particles that feed them to remain in your mouth long enough to negatively influence your breath. Poor hygiene can also lead to the development of tooth decay and gum disease; dental diseases that can also taint your breath through infection.
  • Systemic illnesses — Some diseases, especially respiratory illnesses, can attack your breath at its originating source—your lungs. Such diseases can affect your bloodstream, which carries oxygen to your lungs. In some cases, exceptionally bad breath can be a telltale sign of illness.

Treat Bad Breath and Other Dental Issues in Independence, MO

If your bad breath persists in spite of your best efforts to eliminate it, visit us as soon as possible to determine if a health issue is to blame. To learn more, contact your Independence dentist as soon as possible. Call Dr. Medley today at (816) 252-1590 to schedule a dental consultation. Located in the Independence area, we proudly welcome patients from Kansas City, Raytown, Blue Springs, Lee’s Summit, and the surrounding areas.

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