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What to do for a Dental Emergency Before the Dentist

Know Your Teeth, an information resource website by the Academy of General Dentistry, states that a dental emergency is any situation where at least one tooth is fractured, knocked out, or loosened. In these cases, the cheeks, gum, and lips are often cut. In any circumstance, the patient should receive dental care immediately – within 30 minutes, as much as possible. While on the way, someone must call the dental office to let them know that emergency care is needed.

Making Things Favorable

The foremost concern in many dental emergencies is to avoid losing teeth. This does not solely depend on getting emergency dental care immediately. Problems may cause a delay in receiving the treatment. Also, if some precautions are not taken, even a fast treatment may not assure restoration of the tooth. A number of things must be done in order to have the highest chance of avoiding tooth loss. Here are some dental emergencies and what you should do before you go or while on your way to a dental office:

The American Dental Association points out that the tooth should be kept moist. Handle it by the crown rather than the root. If it got dirty, rinse it with water but do not scrub. If possible, put it back in the socket. Otherwise, place it in your mouth between the cheek and gums or in milk.

Pushed Out of Position

In this case, try to push the tooth back to alignment. Only use a light finger pressure. If you can’t move it like this, do not force it. Just bite down gently to prevent it from moving.

Fractured Tooth

Rinse your mouth using warm water. Reduce swelling with a cold compress or ice pack. If pain relief is desired, use ibuprofen instead of aspirin.


Using warm water, clean the cut area. If the tongue is bleeding, pull it forward, place a gauze on the wound, and apply pressure to reduce bleeding.

Once you’re in the dental office, the dentist can take care of your teeth and instruct you what to do next. Many dental offices, like Medley Smiles of Independence, MO, can provide emergency dental treatment whenever needed. The dentist will assess the damage and provide the necessary care for you.

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  1. If I ever had a dental emergency, I would for sure see about doing the things you listed to help save the tooth. Like you said, people don’t realize that it’s not just getting immediate care to keep the tooth. Doing those proper things will ensure that you will probably keep your tooth.

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